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Here’s how sports benefit most from Twitter

Twitter (and social media in general) as completely and totally transformed most every aspect of our day to day life, especially in ways that none of us could have ever really imagined possible just a few short years ago.

Providing us with instant information and the ability to communicate with nearly anyone and everyone on the planet at any point in time, Twitter is easily the most democratic communication tool ever produced. It’s helped to bring all corners of our world together, foster a closer sense of community with citizens of other nations, and given everyone a voice – even if sometimes we would all be better off without sharing their opinions.


Sports has been transformed by Twitter as well.

Part global sports bar where everyone has an opportunity to talk about the “big game” – EVERY big game, whether or not it actually is all that big – and at the same time part mouthpiece for athletes, the league, sponsors, and so much more, Twitter is where most people are now getting up-to-the-minute information about their favorite teams, about their favorite athletes, and about their favorite sports while weighing in at the same time.


Twitter is very much part of the fabric of sport these days

Tablet with Twitter Icon and Sports StadiumBreaking news about our favorite athletes, about our favorite teams, and about our favorite sports almost inevitably hits Twitter before it hits anywhere else. People are more plugged in today than they ever used to be in the past, and thanks to that little blue checkmark that “Verifies” someone on Twitter we have the ability to determine whether or not the new we are receiving in real time is credible or not.

On top of that, highlights from the big games around the world are shared almost immediately after they happen on Twitter, and fans from all teams can get in on the action of discussing these games and matches with one another. Rivalries pop up, friendly competitions are established, and the quality of banter that happens on Twitter is second to none – even if things can get a little bit ugly sometimes.


Teams, athletes, and organizations use Twitter as well

As much as sports fans and sports journalists utilize Twitter, teams, athletes, and organizations are also taking full advantage of everything that this technology has to offer. It’s also been talked about that some players and celebrities have bought twitter followers from website like This is a strange topic but we wanted to cover this aspect of social media as well.

It is clear to see that Twitter has changed the way that teams, leagues, organizations, and athletes themselves interact with fans (for good and for bad). It’s made it a lot easier for everyone to communicate with their favorite athletes and for them to communicate back, and while most of these conversations are incredibly constructive – and conversations that never would have been possible before – they sometimes can derail and get pretty silly or downright ugly.

At the end of the day, the impact that Twitter has had on sports in general cannot be underestimated. It is, and likely will remain, a big part of sports from here on out!